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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Raining Gumballs

Tonight i watched Bedtime Stories with Laban, Dad and Marius while eating my first pie made from scratch! It was a chicken and vege pie which Heather Donnell gave me the recipe for. It was so yum!!!!!!!! We ate the whole thing :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Start of My Blogging Career

So i realised the other day that i don't want to ever forget all the small things that happen to me in everyday life.
I intend for this to be a proper attempt at writing a little something every day, just to keep my memories alive.
I'm going to be as honest as i can be. Hopefully not too honest :P

So Lets go!

Today i woke up and i felt like a bad person. Then i had a quick chat with God and i felt good again.
Then Laban came over and we watched 2 episodes of scrubs season three and ate some Pizza Slabs! I also figured out i cant lie with my lower back flat on the ground.

After Laban caught his bus to work i bummed around for a bit and played some Legion TD on Warcraft. Lance and Rosie joined me at some point and it was super fun :)
Then i read my chapter of Blue Like Jazz for home group.

In the chapter it was talking about how people find it difficult to believe in God because they feel like they need to make sense of something or rationalise something for it to be real. You can't make real sense of God. The book said it was like an ant trying to make sense of us.
It made me realise that people don't want to admit that there is a level of understanding and consciousness that we're unable to grasp. Just like an ant can't make emotive choices or make a car, there are things we just can't make sense of in life. I guess believing in God is acknowledging that He is too much Awesomeness for us to comprehend.
You can't necessarily answer why you have faith that God is there, loving you. You can feel it though. Something in us yearns for the depth of relationship that can only be discovered through Christ. (this is not a well-thought-out post)

After home group i got dropped off at Momo Tea and Han was outside. I really liked that Han was outside for 2 reasons.
1: I don't like walking into places on my own
2: I like Han

I joked that we should walk in holding hands, i wish we had :P

Hanging with people there was really nice. Nicer than i expected. Sometimes i feel a strange tension between myself and some of my friends which i don't understand and can't figure out it's origin. It's nice when it goes away.
Ben and Pete ended up joining us which was really nice also.
I've always wanted to get to know Peter Reid better because he honestly seems like one of the most genuine and lovely guys i've ever met. Unfortunately this also makes him a bit intimidating in my brain so i have yet to break into the friend world of Peter Reid :P

I've also been getting to know Ben a bit better recently which i've really enjoyed!!

Well i just finished playing some warcraft with Rosie and now its time to get ready for bed and start watching Coffee Prince! No matter how hard i try i never seem to be able to get to bed at a good time.

Silly Saskia.