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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I just don't understand.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Well i started today off with a visit from Strahan and Mathieu for a car trip of DEATH (Strahan is on his learners and was driving.) That was surprisingly fun!

Most importantly though, i just watched Slumdog Millionaire...and wow.
I love how people's minds can come up with such beautiful ideas and ways to convey an amazing story. God has blessed so many people with such amazing gifts which have the power to move millions of people. It blows my mind.

I forget how powerful movies and music can be. They have the power to change our moods, inspire us to do something great, give birth to new, creative ideas and give people hope.

If i hadn't been with other people i could have cried the whole way through this movie. i could have cried from sadness, anger, frustration, horror and joy.

I pray that one day i can create something that might affect even one person in such a powerful way.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've been getting to know so many people better and making much better friends recently, it's been an amazing past week in general

The road trip i've just been on really opened my eyes to alot of really amazing things. I learnt new things about myself and explored new possibilities and relationships. It was indescribable. It made me want to road trip for the rest of my life, meeting new people and new places every day. I also discovered that i love swimming in the Ocean!? i always thought i hated it!
It also made me really appreciate God's creation, it really is Awesome. I have so much love inside of me right now.

Today i had a much belated valentines date with my friend Nicole. We were trying to take photos for a musicians music video. She had requested that people send in photos which showed positive things about flaws, and they had to have written words in the photo.
We looked through all the other entries and found that they were mostly self-taken photos of people holding signs saying things like "flaws make me perfect" or saying a flaw they have that they liked. So we tried to do our pictures slightly differently :D

This is going to be a great year

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Book Reading

Today was the last day of the road trip, also sadly, the last day of Israel reading "the slaves of the mastery" to me.

He had been reading it to me in the van whenever we were on the road for the whole trip. He'd developed voices for all the characters and had me totally absorbed. I love how being read to can be so magical. It just relaxes and enthralls me so much. I want to be a kid again, so everyone would read to me.

It was also Lance's birthday party this evening. It was pretty cool. I learnt about exciting new developments in areas of some friend's life and got to share some of the great things that have happened to me over the past week with good friends who i've missed.

I'm glad Lance and Kent have made it to 19. They're nice boys.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wellington and Middle Marius

Today was our trip to wellington. The weather was awful, the one-way streets had us lost for quite awhile and there was some squabbles over the reading of the map. So it was pretty much WICKED-COOL. haha.
We went to Te Papa Museum and saw the colossal squid!! man! it was huge! They also had a video of it being captured and it showed how masive and bright red it was.

The deep sea is my biggest fear. Just thinking about it terrifies and thrills me. The unknown is something that i think has always terrified and thrilled people. People don't like to be scared, so they endeavor to discover, so the unknown will go away. I think i like the depths of the ocean being kept secret. That way my imagination can run wild and i can have more nights where i lie awake for ages just imagining being the a passenger in the first submarine that could go to the deepest parts and discover all the insane sea-life.

After the museum we went and played gin and had pizza with a good friend Nick Chester at his flat. It was really cool catching up with him!

For dinner we went to my uncle Marius' house in Feilding, which turned out to be quite an experience. Everyone really liked my Uncle. He showed us a video of an overweight corpse being cut open to show the effects of fat on your body and organs etc. Those images will stay with me till the day i die.

I really enjoyed how much Israel enjoyed meeting the people and familes along the way. That boy has an amazing heart.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grandmothers and Aunts

This morning we had the most delicious breakfast at the Majors house! They actually had crossiants made from scratch! man they were yum! They had a big bowl of chopped up fresh fruit, and toast and cereals. It was amazing.
Edward kept poking his head out of his room and inspecting us and then running back inside. Until his sister pushed him out and shut the door. He's so cute.

After leaving the Majors we headed to Hastings and had lunch with Laura's Grandma and two Aunts (and a very fat cat)
It was a really tastey lunch and everyone was really nice to chat to.

When we'd finished lunch we went out to have some fun. We went to a really creepy shop called "possum world" which had a ridiculous amount of stuffed possums and other animals.
Then we went and played mini golf and me and Mat tied on a score of 57 which was alright. We all got a hole in one! After that we went and swam in the ocean which was really rough and strong (and fun). Israel almost got to meet my sister the mermaid, but i told her to swim back out to sea.

Then we went to some salt water hot pools which were really nice! I met and irish man in the steam roooom!!!!!!

We went back to Laura's grandma's for a delicious dinner and we were all way too full for dessert :P

Then on we went to the third family we were staying with. Didn't get to meet any of the kids today though, they were asleep when we arrived. :(

PS i almost forgot! we chilled with this little kid on his grandfather's mobility scooter. He was sad when we left!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Houses and many children

This evening, after a day of swimming and chillin in Taupo, we arrived at the huge house of the second family we would stay with.

The family had 5 girls, the oldest being 15, And 1 little boy named Edward! They were all so nice and friendly!

Edward was pretty shy at first, but was soon tricking us all into being bitten by his toy snake. He sure was tricky! I really loved playing with him.

Monday, February 16, 2009

First family

Well we stayed with the first family of 3 tonight. I was a bit nervous staying at the house of someone i didn't know, but it was really great.

We spent the day in the coromandel and went to Hot water beach and cathedral cove. Cathedral Cove was simply lovely.

After spending the evening chilling with Laura's friend Nathan (person whose house we were staying at) I relaxed about the upcoming houses we would be staying in. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be greeted and welcomed into the home of strangers. There are wonderful people out there.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bunker Hill Folk Review

I swear i went back in time this evening.

It was one of the best things i have ever experienced.
It was just a sweet room, full of awesome old things and people, playing raw and honest music.
I could have made myself a bed and lived there. Even the smell was great.
I loved how they didn't use microphones or anything electric, it was just people playing their music as themselves, with nothing to hide behind. It was beautiful to witness.
Lydia described it as people being in your bedroom, watching you practice to yourself. I like that description of the atmosphere.

I am definitely going back next month

Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentines day

So another valentines day is almost over.
I had a text from on secret admirer...haha curious.

I got my hopes up for something i knew wouldn't happen. But i still felt very disappointed. I should probably stop doing that.

I did have a nice time hanging out with my friend Joanna though, and planning for the day we will go to Ireland and meet our future husbands.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So i've been enjoying some really super chill-times with my friends recently.
I had a sweet spa-ing/movie night with some really choice people last night. It was most pleasant!
Today i got some lunch with another friend of mine which was nice, i haven't chilled properly with him for awhile.

I have a week and a half off work which is so amazing in my brain! I am looking forward to some relaxation!

So valentines day tomorrow. I'm still considering whether i'll make cards for people or not. I'm having a very romantic valentines afternoon tea picnic with my friend Nicole :P Better than any boy i tell you.

I feel like a big part of my life has just ended. A part that i didn't think would end. It makes me feel a bit sad, but also excited for new things which may come along in that area of my life.

Ugh. I'm really bad at this blogging business


Monday, February 9, 2009


So i have this great friend in my kitchen.
Her name is Sally and she lives on flies. Trust me, she's awesome.
I watched a daddy long legs spider dip its leg in water and then put it in it's mouth. It was really strange to watch. I'm not sure why.

As you can probably tell i don't have a real agenda for this blog. Today was the 6th of 8 days of work in a row. It's surprisingly tiring.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So..i just saw Ryan Adams. BEST!!! Oh wow. This drunk guy kept crashing into me and leaning against me and stuff and Ryan said "He man..i think you're crushing that girl...not cool"
So Ryan Adams totally saved me! :P
Haha sick-o fan girl right now.

Moving right along...
Today i chilled with my other friend Laura and we played cards in the mall food court. We won a game each, which was great :D

I'm sorry, my brain is all over the place right now, still on a buzz from the concert.
I hope my impending 8 days in a row of work aren't too tiring, and that the road trip is worth it!

I love you all

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Missing You

Today i missed alot of people.
I missed my cousin Jared.
I missed old friends from school.

Today i was really busy. I played Rock band with my friend Nicole for about three hours (my eyes stung from not blinking). I had a coffee and a chill by a lake with my friend Laura. Then i went for a night walk along the beach with Belinda and enjoyed an amazing sunset. But i missed people so much it ached.
Being outside, seeing how amazing nature really is, seeing the vastness of everything really made me feel very small and lonely. Not in a sad way. It's hard to explain.

In other news... when did my 16-year-old brother become so much more awesome than me!?
He's so nice! He has amazing social skills and can get on with almost anybody. He never says a mean thing about anyone. I am so proud that he's my brother. I hope i can learn something from him. Still. It seems a bit unfair, me being older and everything.

Over and Out.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

People Surprise You

So this is my first blog. I'm not really sure how this goes..
Something i've thought about alot today (at 2am) is how different people can be to how i perceive them. Certain friends or people i know have really been transforming my view of them recently. It's an interesting experience. It makes me question how people must see me, and makes me want to change.

At church last night, Dale challenged us to be friends who can challenge each other and point out things which may need to change. I really wish i had friends who could do that. I'm sure if someone said to me "Saskia you're a flirt" or "Saskia, sometimes you dress immodestly" i wouldn't actually feel very greatful at the time. But being told things like this would probably alert alot of people to things about themselves that they didn't know offended others.

Isn't it interesting how if someone points out a fault someone has, the person automatically becomes defensive and maybe even retaliates? I know that's my first response. While people still generally want to self improve and be a person that others will love.

I didn't intend to write all that ^
Peace out