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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Give me love over this

So i discovered that i do have good friends :)
It was really good to talk to Laura and Paul last night.

I had a really chilled start to the day because i got up earlier than i needed to (even though i chatted until 2am.) It was nice. I made a tea and a bagel and watched the latest Chuck episode.
Then i read a little bit while listening to Coldplay.

I had a really nice chill with Lance today also. We played gin and he beat me for like the 5oth time.
Dishonesty is annoying.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today i had a test. I did alright in it...i think.
I also made a new online friend named Harmony. I hope sometime soon she will be a real one.
The guy who i wanted to ask the name of sat with me today. He talked to me about the test. I didn't ask him what his name was.
Someone i wanted to talk to didn't feel like talking to me because they were tired. That felt lame.
I lack close friends who i can talk to about things.

Monday, March 23, 2009


So today i found myself smiling alot about the beauty of everything God has created. The weather today was my favourite kind. A hot sun and a cool breeze. I was very greatful that God hooked me up with such perfect weather for my four hour gap at uni!

Something i've been noticing recently, is when people say "thank God." Most of the time they don't mean it literally. A girl on the bus this morning said "Thank God it stopped raining before i had to get out of the car with my art board!"
So i prayed, and I did thank God. He probably didn't want her art to get ruined just as much as she didn't want it to. Probably even more :D

I had another fun chat with Paul today. I told him to say something profound before he left, so he said: "Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it." I really liked that he said that. It's something i've been trying to be very aware of recently. I think there's something special and beautiful waiting to be discovered in everything God has created. Maybe even wasps...but i have yet to see proof of this.

While i was strolling through town to meet up with Nicole and Fiona for sushi, these two elderly women asked me for directions to a store. I told them how to get there and they thanked me. Being able to help those women is the most useful i've felt in ages. Maybe i should start being more actively useful :P Or more accurately, allow God to work through me instead of doing things my own way?

It's funny when a random person you've never spoken to sticks in your brain for no reason. Or maybe there is a reason and i just haven't discovered it yet. But there is a guy in my Ancient Egyptian tutorial that has done that. I think i'm going to ask him what his name is.

There's actually so much more i want to write, but i think i've covered enough highlights for one day. Oh! Except for talking to Miriam on the phone!!! which was lovely! I hadn't spoken to her in way too long.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

a post

Ben playing Bob Dylan is something i could listen to alot. I decided that tonight. He's good at it.

I think recently i've been feeling pretty lonely. I really want to be someone super important to someone else. That sounds weird in my own brain.

I've also been noticing how easy it is to take people for granted. Like parents or friends. My Dad especially. I really want to show people how much they mean to me, but i'm afraid of it not being returned. It's a little selfish. But it really does suck when that happens. I feel like it is constantly happening to me.

Well enough of that. I went to Coldplay the other night and it was so super!
Also developed a small-scale crush on Zachary Levi. <3 That's what having a non-existant love life will do to you :P Well it's my excuse anyway!

I also really appreciate the awesome guy who works at the dairy next to NBC! He's always there with a cheerful face and a "hello". Man he's great. I wonder if he knows that he makes such an impression on a stranger. I wonder how many times all of us make strong impressions on people we hardly know. I hope it happens.

I want a friend who i can be completely honest with and who can be completely honest with me.
That is all.

Friday, March 6, 2009

2nd bus ride with Nicole + singstar

So i caught the bus home with Nicole again today! how lucky am i? (very lucky)
Mum came over for dinner. I hadn't seen her in about 3 weeks. I don't know exactly what it is about her, but she makes me feel angry all the time when she's around. So i had a whole evening of feeling frustrated and annoyed. The highlight was that Dad played singstar for the first time and was awesome at it!!!

It's funny how if you've had an evening of feeling disliked by someone in your family or just a crap evening and a friend doesn't seem interested in how you are, it can make everything all the worse.
I think i discovered that some friendships just never are what you'd like them to be.

I also got asked a weird question by someone i hoped would never ask me that question. But i handled it pretty well i think :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crazy KFC Man

Straight after uni today i had work, which was stressful to get to straight from uni.
But after work i caught a bus home at about 9.30pm. I got out of the bus and was walking past KFC, where there was this crazily angry man slamming the big KFC door around and yelling and swearing. The door actually came off it's hinges....
He saw me watching and said "what are you staring at!?" so i sprinted home. When i started running, the girl behind me also started running. It was semi-funny.

Then i went home and played sim Tower!

What a day :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

early beginnings

Today was my earliest start yet. Waking up at 6am with everything being dark freaked my brain out. People shouldn't be awake at that time.
I think i was a bit out of it today because i kept walking into things. I got two sweet looking bruises :D
Annnnd!!! Today i got to catch the bus home with Nicole! Like old times in school! haha. It was super, we even had the same bus driver we had back then, no kidding! I hope to catch the bus home with her many-a-day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today i took some photos for a friend for an acting application of sorts.
It was pretty fun getting to take serious photos for something with a person willing to do what i told them :D

Monday, March 2, 2009

First day of Uni

My first day of University was just swell!
I had my first lecture and then i chilled with Joanna, Wilhelmina, Jacques and Michael and got some tastey sushi :) Then Jo and i went to JB HiFi and found lots of things we wanted but couldn't afford.
Then i chilled with Lance for about four hours (second lecture in there somewhere) and went home!
What a great day :)