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Sunday, March 22, 2009

a post

Ben playing Bob Dylan is something i could listen to alot. I decided that tonight. He's good at it.

I think recently i've been feeling pretty lonely. I really want to be someone super important to someone else. That sounds weird in my own brain.

I've also been noticing how easy it is to take people for granted. Like parents or friends. My Dad especially. I really want to show people how much they mean to me, but i'm afraid of it not being returned. It's a little selfish. But it really does suck when that happens. I feel like it is constantly happening to me.

Well enough of that. I went to Coldplay the other night and it was so super!
Also developed a small-scale crush on Zachary Levi. <3 That's what having a non-existant love life will do to you :P Well it's my excuse anyway!

I also really appreciate the awesome guy who works at the dairy next to NBC! He's always there with a cheerful face and a "hello". Man he's great. I wonder if he knows that he makes such an impression on a stranger. I wonder how many times all of us make strong impressions on people we hardly know. I hope it happens.

I want a friend who i can be completely honest with and who can be completely honest with me.
That is all.


  1. I took my parents for granted hard out!!!
    Now they're in Korea and I'm like :(
    They will return the love I reckon at some point and it'll be pleasin'

    Everyone went to Coldplay but me it seems!!!

  2. Man i can't imagine both my parents living far away. That must be the suckzor.

  3. hey, you know how much i love Chris? (gah he is my perfect guy)

    ...well times that by infinity and then plus a few extra zeros, times that by 9 YEARS and that's how much i love you! hehe i wouldn't be who i am without you. you are my perfect friend! hehe.

    you're the most important person in my world :)