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Monday, March 23, 2009


So today i found myself smiling alot about the beauty of everything God has created. The weather today was my favourite kind. A hot sun and a cool breeze. I was very greatful that God hooked me up with such perfect weather for my four hour gap at uni!

Something i've been noticing recently, is when people say "thank God." Most of the time they don't mean it literally. A girl on the bus this morning said "Thank God it stopped raining before i had to get out of the car with my art board!"
So i prayed, and I did thank God. He probably didn't want her art to get ruined just as much as she didn't want it to. Probably even more :D

I had another fun chat with Paul today. I told him to say something profound before he left, so he said: "Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it." I really liked that he said that. It's something i've been trying to be very aware of recently. I think there's something special and beautiful waiting to be discovered in everything God has created. Maybe even wasps...but i have yet to see proof of this.

While i was strolling through town to meet up with Nicole and Fiona for sushi, these two elderly women asked me for directions to a store. I told them how to get there and they thanked me. Being able to help those women is the most useful i've felt in ages. Maybe i should start being more actively useful :P Or more accurately, allow God to work through me instead of doing things my own way?

It's funny when a random person you've never spoken to sticks in your brain for no reason. Or maybe there is a reason and i just haven't discovered it yet. But there is a guy in my Ancient Egyptian tutorial that has done that. I think i'm going to ask him what his name is.

There's actually so much more i want to write, but i think i've covered enough highlights for one day. Oh! Except for talking to Miriam on the phone!!! which was lovely! I hadn't spoken to her in way too long.


  1. are you kidding? wasps arrrre beautiful. just cuz they're pests and they sting we don't pay much attention to how freakin' amazing they look and act and aaaaaaaaaaw. lol. ok. i'm done.

  2. you can use my phone anytime m8


    I honestly can't get away from them. Happens on a fortnightly basis.
    It is a joy to be able to pray on others' behalf, aye?

    Best weather, woo!