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Friday, September 3, 2010

Much Socializing

So today after missing two busses, Laban and I met up with Hannah and Lance in Albany mall and had a general hang-out. We looked in some stores, saw Han-Wool and Paul O'Leary and made some swell jokes. It was really nice to see Hannah because we really don't hang out enough to satisfy me :P.

In the evening i went to Laura and Mathieu's engagement party and talked a lot. I'm actually not a very social person, as in, I don't find it easy conversing with lots of new people, so it was pretty tiring. I hope people don't realise how stressed i am during conversations!
I mainly ended up watching the Bee Movie and playing with a big hunting-type knife.

At home while flicking through pictures to update my Tumblr with, i came across the picture below which is an old one my cousin uploaded quite awhile ago and it made me laugh anew!

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  1. lol! good pic! what a genius clash of movies.

    you and knives!
    at least it wasn't a switchblade otherwise you probably would have stolen it!