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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A new Start

I got my first full time job and i start on Monday!
I'm pretty freaked out, but i hope and pray it will go well and i won't be a disappointment.
I don't know why i haven't blogged in awhile. I guess at the end of each day recently, i've looked back over them and not really wanted to remember them in the future.
But i think i will try harder to write more.
Yesterday i went to Albany mall with Lance and he lent me money to buy a cool bag :)
We also saw Han-Wool and he was super friendly! He is such a lovely guy.

Anyway, one day i will drive this car:

Just imagine me behind the wheel! It works!


  1. First of all, congratulations again on the job. It's perfect and amazing. God is so great. You are going to be super good at it I reckon.
    Also, I am so glad you are writing on here again. I hope it will be regular as because I enjoy it a lot.
    And, you will look fantastic behind that wheel.