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Friday, February 20, 2009

Wellington and Middle Marius

Today was our trip to wellington. The weather was awful, the one-way streets had us lost for quite awhile and there was some squabbles over the reading of the map. So it was pretty much WICKED-COOL. haha.
We went to Te Papa Museum and saw the colossal squid!! man! it was huge! They also had a video of it being captured and it showed how masive and bright red it was.

The deep sea is my biggest fear. Just thinking about it terrifies and thrills me. The unknown is something that i think has always terrified and thrilled people. People don't like to be scared, so they endeavor to discover, so the unknown will go away. I think i like the depths of the ocean being kept secret. That way my imagination can run wild and i can have more nights where i lie awake for ages just imagining being the a passenger in the first submarine that could go to the deepest parts and discover all the insane sea-life.

After the museum we went and played gin and had pizza with a good friend Nick Chester at his flat. It was really cool catching up with him!

For dinner we went to my uncle Marius' house in Feilding, which turned out to be quite an experience. Everyone really liked my Uncle. He showed us a video of an overweight corpse being cut open to show the effects of fat on your body and organs etc. Those images will stay with me till the day i die.

I really enjoyed how much Israel enjoyed meeting the people and familes along the way. That boy has an amazing heart.

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  1. I went to Te Papa when I went to Welly too :D
    Israel's the man!