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Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Well i started today off with a visit from Strahan and Mathieu for a car trip of DEATH (Strahan is on his learners and was driving.) That was surprisingly fun!

Most importantly though, i just watched Slumdog Millionaire...and wow.
I love how people's minds can come up with such beautiful ideas and ways to convey an amazing story. God has blessed so many people with such amazing gifts which have the power to move millions of people. It blows my mind.

I forget how powerful movies and music can be. They have the power to change our moods, inspire us to do something great, give birth to new, creative ideas and give people hope.

If i hadn't been with other people i could have cried the whole way through this movie. i could have cried from sadness, anger, frustration, horror and joy.

I pray that one day i can create something that might affect even one person in such a powerful way.

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  1. Hey mate, you're a girl which means you're allowed to cry through movies when you're with people!

    I really want to watch that now. I guess the 8 A.Awards are deserved then...

    I'm sure you will affect someone like that. FoREAL.