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Thursday, February 12, 2009


So i've been enjoying some really super chill-times with my friends recently.
I had a sweet spa-ing/movie night with some really choice people last night. It was most pleasant!
Today i got some lunch with another friend of mine which was nice, i haven't chilled properly with him for awhile.

I have a week and a half off work which is so amazing in my brain! I am looking forward to some relaxation!

So valentines day tomorrow. I'm still considering whether i'll make cards for people or not. I'm having a very romantic valentines afternoon tea picnic with my friend Nicole :P Better than any boy i tell you.

I feel like a big part of my life has just ended. A part that i didn't think would end. It makes me feel a bit sad, but also excited for new things which may come along in that area of my life.

Ugh. I'm really bad at this blogging business



  1. Yay I'm a choice person :)
    Valentines picnic sounds nice, though I can name a boy that would make it nicer... ;)