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Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've been getting to know so many people better and making much better friends recently, it's been an amazing past week in general

The road trip i've just been on really opened my eyes to alot of really amazing things. I learnt new things about myself and explored new possibilities and relationships. It was indescribable. It made me want to road trip for the rest of my life, meeting new people and new places every day. I also discovered that i love swimming in the Ocean!? i always thought i hated it!
It also made me really appreciate God's creation, it really is Awesome. I have so much love inside of me right now.

Today i had a much belated valentines date with my friend Nicole. We were trying to take photos for a musicians music video. She had requested that people send in photos which showed positive things about flaws, and they had to have written words in the photo.
We looked through all the other entries and found that they were mostly self-taken photos of people holding signs saying things like "flaws make me perfect" or saying a flaw they have that they liked. So we tried to do our pictures slightly differently :D

This is going to be a great year

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  1. Jose Earl is Irish!
    Meeting kids, LUCKY! It sounds fun az!