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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Missing You

Today i missed alot of people.
I missed my cousin Jared.
I missed old friends from school.

Today i was really busy. I played Rock band with my friend Nicole for about three hours (my eyes stung from not blinking). I had a coffee and a chill by a lake with my friend Laura. Then i went for a night walk along the beach with Belinda and enjoyed an amazing sunset. But i missed people so much it ached.
Being outside, seeing how amazing nature really is, seeing the vastness of everything really made me feel very small and lonely. Not in a sad way. It's hard to explain.

In other news... when did my 16-year-old brother become so much more awesome than me!?
He's so nice! He has amazing social skills and can get on with almost anybody. He never says a mean thing about anyone. I am so proud that he's my brother. I hope i can learn something from him. Still. It seems a bit unfair, me being older and everything.

Over and Out.


  1. "my eyes stung from not blinking" made me smile
    coffee/chill/lake/friend = nice
    night walk/beach/friend = nice
    sunset = always nice!!

    I think you're awesomer than your brother!

  2. I know what you mean by little brothers getting awesome. My little bro is 6 years younger so he's almost 14 but he is much better in social situations than me. Like he is playing the drums at my families church during youth, and he has tons of friends. I'm not sure he should ever be allowed to get a car or leave the house cause he's going to be juggling a girl for everyday if he does lol :D