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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grandmothers and Aunts

This morning we had the most delicious breakfast at the Majors house! They actually had crossiants made from scratch! man they were yum! They had a big bowl of chopped up fresh fruit, and toast and cereals. It was amazing.
Edward kept poking his head out of his room and inspecting us and then running back inside. Until his sister pushed him out and shut the door. He's so cute.

After leaving the Majors we headed to Hastings and had lunch with Laura's Grandma and two Aunts (and a very fat cat)
It was a really tastey lunch and everyone was really nice to chat to.

When we'd finished lunch we went out to have some fun. We went to a really creepy shop called "possum world" which had a ridiculous amount of stuffed possums and other animals.
Then we went and played mini golf and me and Mat tied on a score of 57 which was alright. We all got a hole in one! After that we went and swam in the ocean which was really rough and strong (and fun). Israel almost got to meet my sister the mermaid, but i told her to swim back out to sea.

Then we went to some salt water hot pools which were really nice! I met and irish man in the steam roooom!!!!!!

We went back to Laura's grandma's for a delicious dinner and we were all way too full for dessert :P

Then on we went to the third family we were staying with. Didn't get to meet any of the kids today though, they were asleep when we arrived. :(

PS i almost forgot! we chilled with this little kid on his grandfather's mobility scooter. He was sad when we left!

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  1. Haha I love how you felt the need to add "and a very fat cat"

    Reading this has made me SO hungry!!!